We were pretty sure Comey was stressed out about this whole “it’s closed, it’s open, it’s closed” Hillary case thing, but this … this screams sad panda.

And it’s also hilarious.

Pretty nuts indeed. And while it’s truly not the real letter (yeah, we need to say that because people are crazy sometimes), his sentiment was likely very close to this, even though the actual correspondence was all wordy and important sounding.

Don’t you think these people wish they could just be honest and straightforward at some point? When they’ve got nothing left to lose?

Ok, maybe not.

HA! If he did that though both sides would find some political motive behind the Arby’s. Sure, it might take some effort on their part but you bet they’d find a way to make roast beef a positive or a negative depending on which side they sit on.

Bingo. Likely the least nuts thing we’d ever hear from any of them … and more close to the truth than many would like to admit.

Is it 2017 yet? SMOD, are you there?