Talk about being unpopular … when your own mom has to pay you to campaign for her?

Ouch Hillary.

Not to mention the tax nightmare one might face over “taxes on money from her parents.” Did she claim this as income? Hrm.


The theme of all of this information breaking via the Podesta emails is one of desperation, and of course corruption. But seriously, is Hillary really THAT desperate that she would pay her own daughter to campaign? Or was this some sort of weird way of paying her an allowance? Wish we could say this is unbelievable but it’s not.

Nothing is, anymore.

Oh yeah, and the legality of it …

Major oops.

Yes. Bold and arrogant, convinced they would never be held accountable for these things and much more. Sadly one has to wonder if they really will be held accountable because even today via some polls Hillary still leads Trump nationally.

Worst. Election. Ever.