Everyone has his permission … gosh, thanks.

How can Democrats stand this guy?

Wait, dumb question. Never mind.

We’ll save you the click … she admits she is crazy. Oh, and it’s some ridiculous seven-minute-ad (yes, SEVEN MINUTES) where they pretend she’s not some evil, terrifying political succubus who will swallow your soul.

That’s seven minutes of our lives we’ll never get back. Thanks John.

Sadly there is no footage of Hillary and her team drinking blood or talking smack about Bernie Sanders.

Don’t suppose John thought his first tweet back in nearly a week would be all that well-received.


Yeah, apparently Podesta thinks he’s in a position to grant people permission to do anything.


It has been a while since Podesta “graced” Twitter with his presence … do we REALLY wanna know what he’s been up to though?