Reminder, Gore refused to endorse Hillary in 2008.


Ha ha.

Ha ha ha!

Oh this is just too good. Didn’t Hillary bring Al Gore in to help her with millennials?

Hard to put in an email but there is no love lost in this relationship.


Makes you wonder what is dangerous – if they couldn’t put it in an email (we’ve seen some crazy stuff like that whole spirit cooking thing) it must be REALLY bad.

Truth. There have been rumblings that Hillary is actually not a big believer in climate change, which would make Al Gore fussy but who knows with these people what they really do and don’t believe.

Obama, Gore, Bernie – they all endorsed her and it appears none of them really care for her as a person behind the scenes.

Which is honestly not all that unbelievable. She doesn’t exactly come across as someone you’d buddy around with.

She’s more the “swallow your soul” type.