As Twitchy reported earlier, the Rolling Stone verdict was handed down today and it wasn’t great news for Rolling Stone magazine or Sabrina Erdely.

But it was great news for justice and for UVA.

And for boys.

Stop the war on boys. Amen.

Social justice warriors were (are) out to destroy men, and were clearly willing to lie about horrible things to do so. Shameful.

It would seem if you’re a young man your life could be ruined at the drop of a hat just because some social justice warrior type crazy woman decides to make an example of you.

If you have a son, brother, husband, or dad this trend should scare the dickens out of you.

Especially if you have sons …

And moms of boys all across the country cheer.

Anything for their agenda. Any way they can push their screwed up rhetoric and ideals to the masses. It’s rather disgusting and honestly does more damage to the women’s movement than ANYTHING men could do.

Defamation even.

Mic freakin’ drop.