Thinking Hillary’s campaign team knew they were dealing with a hot mess long, long ago. No wonder they’ve worked so hard to “promote” and protect her in interesting ways … perhaps called cheating or at the very least, manipulating her base.

According to the Free Beacon, and released via WikiLeaks, her campaign had a poll conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research back in March of 2015 in Iowa of likely voters. The issues people listed with her are MANY and should scare any campaign:

  • Didn’t protect the U.S. diplomats in Benghazi, Libya who were killed by terrorists
  • Didn’t recognize major terrorist threats until it was too late when she was Secretary of State, like ISIS in Iraq and Boko Haram in Nigeria
  • Says she supports equal pay for women, but in her own Senate office only paid women seventy two cents on the dollar compared to men
  • Says she’s not truly well off even though she and Bill Clinton have made over one hundred twenty million dollars
  • Started a charitable foundation that doesn’t collect on sixty percent of its pledges
  • Supports Barack Obama’s policy of amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • Wasn’t able to account for six billion dollars in taxpayer money when she was Secretary of State
  • Billed taxpayers for first class travel, including a fifteen thousand dollar hotel upgrade for a three bedroom suite in Hawaii
  • Used her position as Secretary of State to reward companies like Boeing that gave to the Clinton Foundation with foreign contracts
  • Gave taxpayer funded no bid contracts to her campaign contributors when she was Secretary of State
  • Charges state universities two hundred thousand dollars per speech
  • Supported NAFTA and now supports new free trade agreements with Asia
  • Has taken over thirty five million dollars in speaking fees, foundation gifts, and campaign contributions from Wall Street
  • Allowed Iran’s nuclear program to triple its uranium enrichment while she was Secretary of State
  • Offered major concessions to Vladimir Putin in Eastern Europe before he invaded Ukraine
  • Has a thirty year history of ethics and corruption investigations like Whitewater and Travelgate
  • Was caught exaggerating her story about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia

Seems pretty unpopular and awful, right?

The poll also asked for various words, terms and phrases they associated with Hillary, some of which included: out of touch, mismanagement and ethically challenged.


She was NOT popular in Iowa.

This is true. The Trump campaign truly has been hitting her on all of the above … and then some.