As Twitchy readers know, Politico seems to think tax dollars are simply in the president’s wallet. Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it. But no, they wrote an entire piece about how DeSantis was very critical of Biden but NOW he likes the president’s wallet.

Even though it’s not the president’s money or his wallet that will help Florida after Hurricane Ian.

Oh, and it won’t matter what color or sex Floridians are either, but that’s another story.

Rep. Thomas Massie unloaded:

It’s NOT Biden’s money, dipsticks.


Gosh, the writer is from Florida and seems to have a beef with DeSantis.


Gotta love our pals in the media.

He should sell t-shirts.

Scary, ain’t it?

Hope he gets his 10%!

THAT would make for some very interesting sessions, EL OH EL.



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