On Saturday at a rally in Phoenix, some yahoo was recorded shouting, “JEW-S-A.” Apparently he also told the media they work for the devil and they must be stopped.

This guy is probably a real treat at family gatherings. Watch:

See, a real charmer.

Luckily the Trump campaign responded in a most direct way via Kellyanne Conway.

To see Kellyanne call out this behavior is encouraging. She said, “His behavior was deplorable and if I had been there I would have had him removed.”


She also points out that he is a rare instance at these rallies and that most attendees are American-loving people after Tapper implies Trump’s rallies are filled with people like that idiot.

Which is not true. In fact in light of the O’Keefe footage many are questioning if this guy was a plant (if only he had been wearing a Donald Duck costume):

Either way, well done Kellyanne for not condoning this man’s behavior in any way, shape or form and for calling it out.