Is Joy being racist and implying that illegal voters are black?


Looking through this original newsletter, not seeing anything about watching black voters.

There’s a piece about illegal voters but nothing about the color of their skin.

And she seems awfully fixated on James O’Keefe, who apparently she said isn’t a real journalist.

Felt the burn over here.

All the newsletter really says is that they will not back down, nothing specific about race or skin … and clearly plenty of people feel that James is a real journalist. Or as real as any journalist can be in this current atmosphere.

Awww, is there some special club?

Or she tried to, yes.

From the WikiLeaks and various O’Keefe footage that would be MOST of the media, not just Joy, but point taken.

It would seem they are more afraid of the truth than any one journalist … honestly it’s hard to tell up from down in this crazy election but to Anne’s point, the traditional media does seem to be a bit discombobulated.

And ironically she is trying to call out James for being what she appears to be.

Democrats DO like to project.