As Twitchy reported earlier, the FBI has decided to reopen Hillary’s email case because of recent developments, aka the WikiLeaks email dumps that Americans have been reading through on social media.

Guessing the FBI felt stupid that they weren’t the ones actually finding these things … maybe?

And as can be expected, just like the big babies they are, the Left “crapped” themselves immediately; take for example poor Paul Krugman:

Disgraceful! Actually what’s disgraceful is a woman like Hillary Clinton skating by with such blatant criminal acts, but we digress, right Paul. He needs a cat, anyone have a spare one they can loan him.

And then there’s other “Leftist” outlets:


No one is overreacting but the media, John.

Anyone have some Xanax just lying around?

Anything to protect their queen, right?

Get the popcorn, these meltdowns are going to be entertaining at least throughout the weekend.