A large part of Hillary’s campaign has been pandering … er … reaching out to the LGBT community insisting she is with them, and supports their love and most of all she supports their “right” to get married.

Of course not quite 20 years ago, she felt very differently and is quoted as saying, “I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been. Between a man and a woman.”


Shockingly the New York Times did a piece on her epic flip-flop on gay marriage, which clearly freaked her team out. Best piece, “Can we point those who are writing this to the 2013 video,” basically trying to control what the writer would include. Of course they missed the part that the story is really the change in her policy, not that she’s had an epiphany about gay people.

Democrats just figured out they needed this demographic, so they all magically change their minds. See Obama and his “evolution” on gay marriage – same deal.

Actually that just means they are both pandering. You’re welcome.

Makes you wonder, is Hillary privately against gay marriage?