As we near the election (only 11 days now, thank God) Donna Brazile must be feeling a tad cocky because she was blathering on about turning a specific and very red state, blue.

We laughed a LOT before actually writing this piece, especially when we read this tweet:

HA. Utah. One of the reddest most conservative states in the UNION. The state hasn’t supported a Democrat in over 50 years (the last time the state went for the Democrat was 1964) and yet Donna thinks the Democrats can turn it blue.

Witch please.

Clearly she’ll do ANYTHING to move that ol’ gray mare forward. Yup.

Convenient for her to overlook any party that’s not a major one, including Independents, Green Party, Libertarians … and Bernie Sanders supporters. Guess you could call them the socialists?


Ouch again.

Awww that poor DNC, they just can’t get around the whole cheating Bernie Sanders out of the nod thing, can they.

It’s interesting too because usually the people you see disagreeing with Donna and calling out the DNC are Republicans but OH MAN, the Bernie Sanders supporters are brutal.

And curtain.