Baby Boomers and the Interwebz.

Dear John and other people who have been living under a rock, Google wouldn’t send you an email called, “Someone has your password.” Likely it would be a message about a possible breach or some urgency about changing your password but they wouldn’t send you something like this.

And never, EVER EVER EVER click a link in an email, especially if it’s one you don’t recognize.

A link for you to click to change your password.

John, don’t be stupid.

Couldn’t someone in Homeland Security or the NSA or one of those other fancy Federal agencies have taken some time to tell these people the do’s and don’t of being online? *smh*

Typically most people are apprehensive to click a link from someone they KNOW, let alone some odd email from Google telling you someone has your password.

*don’t click it*

Yikes. Shocked Kyle clicked it … hope he didn’t have anything signed in or important in that browser or app.

Surely Podesta is like, “NOW YOU TELL ME.”


A prince from Kenya with millions of dollars to send you but you must send him your routing and checking account numbers.


Or some hot Kenyan Princess who is looking to get married to an American man so he can help her spend her billions.

And there ya’ have it … it’s not smart to click things you don’t recognize.

However Podesta probably wouldn’t understand what it means to go to the source so maybe just leave it at DON’T CLICK THAT, STUPID!