It’s not a visual many people want, unless your name happens to be Monica Lewinsky and even then … maybe these days not so much.

Bill Clinton’s underwear.

Yeah we know, sorry.

What? Hey, did you know you could write off your underwear? Dude, seriously. How could this possibly be itemized? Well he gives speeches for a living and gets super sweaty so he has to replace his underwear more often? Yeah, can’t think of how this could IN ANY WAY be legal.

Apparently he wrote off a three pack of underwear as $6, when they were likely more around $1 … back in 1986. But hey, it can be done.

And it’s legal.

Not that the Clintons have ever really worried about being legal but still.


Still trying to figure out how this could be legit.

Interesting how Democrat pretend to care about the poor while they write off their UNDERWEAR to avoid paying taxes.