If there is suspected wrongdoing within the leadership of this country it would make sense that our elected officials investigate. And it’s quite possible that Hillary has been up to no good … and Donna knows it.

It’s. His. Job.

Witch hunt. Maybe if Hillary stopped being such a witch there would be no need to hunt her as such? Just sayin’.

Interestingly enough, those who took the most offense to what Donna tweeted weren’t Republicans, but Bernie Sanders supporters who believe Donna, Hillary and the DNC screwed them out of their candidate.

Hard to point fingers at people when you consistently end up pointing back at yourself.

Ouch. Perhaps there is something to this whole witch hunt, eh Donna?

Many people have ruined themselves, falling on their proverbials swords, for Hillary.

They just can’t get past the idea that Donna helped Hillary in essence, cheat. And who could blame them?

Donna was really after Chaffetz today, especially after he said he would be voting for Trump. She retweeted several digs at the representative, including this one:

And you know what they say? You always go after the things and the people that scare you the most.