Michael Moore tweeted his appearance on ‘The View’ today …

Watch it if you can stomach it. If not we’ll save you the click (and your lunch) … Michael was there pushing his new movie, ‘Michael Moore in Trumpland,’ which honestly has nothing to do with Trump even though he uses his name in the title. It’s actually about Hillary and from what Michael says during the appearance it comes off almost like some creepy fanboy thing.

Perhaps he used Trump’s name because Hillary wouldn’t make him as much money.


Moore does go on about how he originally wanted Bernie but has somehow seen the light and is excited (yes, excited) to vote for Hillary.

He even talked about how he loves that Hillary is a Christian.

No, we’re not making that up – he totally said it.

We know! It’s crazy, and Joy Behar’s face didn’t even melt off when he did.

Interestingly enough his biggest critics after posting his link were former supporters:

Moore sold out.