Because nothing says you care about women and minorities like having a rapper with songs like “Big Pimpin,” and “Ni**as in Paris” headline a concert for you.

Way to go, Hill-dawg.

Jay Z.


Can you imagine if Jay Z was headlining a concert for Trump? Granted, this would never happen, but the Left would come unglued, calling the rapper sexist and racist … as long as he’s rapping about ho’s for Hillary it’s all good though.

In fact people are attacking Trump for not inviting Jay Z to play for him (which again, he’d likely refuse anyway).

This same guy would be complaining if Jay Z or some other rapper played a concert for Trump, don’t let his concern trolling fool you.

On the other hand, many are wondering why CNN would report on this instead of other newsworthy nuggets like WikiLeaks and the Podesta emails.

Apparently CNN does.


They have said Hillary is struggling with the millennial voters, so maybe this will reach them?

And boomity.

Editor’s note: We weren’t entirely sure of the proper spelling of “ho’s,” so if we misspelled it, our apologies.