In an election built on name-calling, is anyone surprised that Elizabeth Warren doubled down on the whole “nasty women” talking point?

And sorry, it’s just not a good visual when she claims to be one.


For being the supposed party of strong women, this whole narrative is awful. Yeah yeah, they’re mocking Trump and the patriarchy but perpetuating the idea that for a woman to be strong she has to be nasty. For a woman to lead, she has to be nasty.

It’s beyond insulting to women.

Then again, if they’re only talking about the women who support Hillary perhaps there is some truth to it?

Nah, still don’t like the notion that women have to be nasty to be powerful.

This election is ridiculous. It’s seriously like being in high school and watching two annoying candidates battle it out over who uses the coolest posters and most sparkles. There is no longer any sort of integrity or class in the 2016 election.

It’s just nasty.

Ouch. And yeah, that’s pretty damn nasty.


Tough crowd, Liz.

And that’s the biggest piece. STOP using your vagina to run for office. Like the “nasty women” talking point, it is a disrespect to women and to the very office Hillary is running for to keep pushing the woman card. Either run based on your ideas and solutions or don’t bother running.