Because tolerance.

The harassment started after a video was posted of The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini, 31, and his fiance Cody Moore, 22, attending Trump’s rally in Cincinnati on Oct. 13.

On the video, Lainhart said, “I’m tired of the bulls— government, it’s time for a change, and Trump’s the man for it.”

Apparently the comments on the video are horrendous.

Shame on the LGBT community, even if they don’t agree with Trump they should respect people who do. Thought the whole point of the movement was to stop hiding who they are … guess that doesn’t include if you’re a closet Trump supporter.

Oh c’mon, she didn’t mean it. Or she didn’t mean to. TRUMP SAID MEAN THINGS or something.

Honestly it would appear the LGBT community thinks they belong to the Democrats, which is silly but then again, so is this election.

Yup, they play people politics, even gay people.

They put individuals into neat little buckets they can pander to; don’t bother them with being an individual, that’s not hip.