Man, when Democrats find a new bumper sticker phrase they really stick to it.

And isn’t this cute, how Donna pretends to take the high road, totally missing the last year of her own tweets about Trump. It’s funny how Democrats keep saying they’re going high when all they really do is act like spoiled children punching people below the belt.

We go high. Hrm. Wonder if she bothered to look back at her own tweets over the last month when she got all “high and mighty.”

Classy. Definitely not going high.

Or like when Mark Cuban went off on Trump? Is that going high, Donna?

Guess not.

Serial liar is going high?

Hrm. Seems a little low.

Still trying to find where you go high, Donna. Seems Democrats like you really enjoy calling out “mean” behavior unless it’s on your own side.

Her whole timeline is this same type of smug tripe which would be fine if she wasn’t pretending they “go high.”

Democrats suck.