This guy … his name is Joel Benenson and he’s the chief strategist for the Clinton campaign.

And don’t worry folks, he wants us all to know that those emails are totally fake.


Did he list which ones weren’t true? Did he bother to present evidence or was he just flapping his gums?

Thinking the latter.

Part of the Democrat’s biggest problem is their inability not to be smug pricks even when they’ve been caught doing something wrong. Look at this denial. He’s basically saying, “Silly peons. You know not what you speak of, those emails are fake.”

Because apparently only Democrats can read?

Funny how Joel ignored their request. Gosh, wonder why he’d do that. Surely he wouldn’t just yammer endlessly on the Sunday morning shows if he didn’t have a list of the emails he thinks aren’t authentic to present as proof, right?

Clearly he knew he could spout off nonsense and get away with it, or at least he thought he could.