For those who keep saying the GOP has done nothing about Obamacare with their majority, check out the numbers.

They tried to repeal Obama’s crap law 52 times … which is likely 52 times more than most naysayers realize. It’s easy to sit back and complain that the GOP doesn’t do enough, especially when you aren’t able to see the numbers. Forget the fact that Obama would veto anything they put in front of him …

Hard to get much done when you’re dealing with a “dictator wanna be” like Obama.

Sadly far too many people are uninformed, and instead of blaming Obama for Obamacare they yell at the GOP Congress who clearly worked very hard to repeal an unpopular bill. Obama knew the people wouldn’t get it and would blame Congress instead. Probably made him laugh a little.

The interesting piece of this (besides the fact that the GOP did actually work really hard for their constituents) is that as we near the end of Obama’s administration he has been trying really hard to pin the failed law and issues it faces on the GOP.

Who clearly wanted it repealed.

Yay politics.