C’mon. Everyone knows how long it takes for the US to respond to a nuclear attack. Psh.

In fact the nuclear weapon response time is so well-known they were printing it on the backs of cereal boxes for years. Yeah. Don’t you remember reading about it during the good ol’ days while you had breakfast?

It’s like she doesn’t understand what the word “classified” means.

And she wants to be president?


Yes, they’re going to try and convince us all we didn’t hear her say what we heard her say. She told the world how long it would take the US to respond to a nuclear strike but somehow that knowledge isn’t classified? She literally said THIS:

“There is about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.” What are we missing? She SAID IT.

Of course her campaign pointed to the media and used them as an excuse for her not releasing classified information, which makes absolutely zero sense. Writing about not being able to recall a nuclear weapon for instance is not the same thing as telling the WORLD how long it takes for the US to respond.

Not even close, Hillary.

They need to face facts, Hillary should never have said it and if she can’t even debate Donald Trump without sticking her foot in her mouth how can she expect to lead the free world?