For years, feminists have talked about how amazing it would be for a woman to be president. So of course during this historic election where a woman is the candidate for a major party they are all a flutter about girl power and other nonsense. Sadly they are perpetuating the notion that a woman has to be a “bitch” to get far in politics.

Or that she has to be “nasty.”

And we get it, they’re playing off something Trump said but c’mon, is this how we empower women? By feeding the idea that only by being nasty can women excel and lead? Many conservatives are women, and they have proven you don’t have to play a part to lead in politics. See Mia Love. See Nikki Haley. See Liz Cheney.

Democrats for whatever reason are fine pushing the “mean woman” rhetoric, in fact there are feminists on all over Twitter tweeting about how happy they are to be a “nasty woman” proving how dense they really are. Oh they’ll tell you it’s to slam the patriarchy’s own narrative about women but ultimately it’s just another petty way to distract from the fact that the first woman to make it this far is a horrible human being.


If you look up the definition of nasty it literally means “nauseating.” Women don’t have to be nauseating to be leaders.

They’ll probably even start selling t-shirts … oh wait.

Shocker. The monies go to killing babies.

Well, at least they’re honest in this, that is nasty.