Well then.

Why oh why would YouTube ban a video from Project Veritas? Gosh, can’t think of any one reason really … heh. Apparently they don’t want their viewers seeing anything that might lead them to think for themselves.

Not just Hillary voters but ALL voters. The fewer people who see the Project Veritas videos the better as far as the Leftist media is concerned.

Good question. Put on your tinfoil hat for a moment, is the government controlling our media or is the media controlling our government.

Da da daaaaa!

Oh, and it sounds like YouTube is censoring conservative videos in general because they may be “potentially offensive.”

Because ya’ know, freedom, individual liberty, smaller government, lower taxes and protecting life are such offensive things.

Under fire, that’s cute. Not under enough fire to actually do anything about it though, right?

They totally support freedom of speech, as long as you’re saying what they want you to say and they agree with your ideas.

Otherwise it could be “potentially offensive.”