Must be nice to be Hillary Clinton … sheesh. We don’t see the State Department working this hard to help everyday criminals, right?

Now if what Hillary did was legal and innocent, why on EARTH would the State Department be working so hard to make it look otherwise? We all know she’s guilty and yet somehow, someway she not only seems to be skirting the issue but running for president and polling ahead.

Really, America?

According to the Washington Examiner, the six ways the State Department has covered Hillary’s backside included:

  • Outsiders tampered with document (Really?!)
  • Officials tampered with redactions (Duh)
  • Kennedy tried to block classifications (Whoa)
  • Some emails disappeared (OH NO, YOU DON’T SAY?!)
  • Clinton’s lawyers knew emails contained Top Secret intel (WOW, SHOCKING)
  • Shadow government (what is THAT?!) tried to stop email releases

Wow, that sounds like some pretty deliberate butt covering to us but hey, what do we know?

Fair point, they only covered for her in six ways? Surely a woman this corrupt would need at least a dozen or so …

So get this, what’s even more alarming is when doing a search on this latest story on the number of times the State Department covered for Hillary, lots of old tweets and stories come up:


December 2015.

From last summer!

These pieces were coming out even before she was in the race officially for president and still here she is, the Democrat’s nominee.

This says so much about the Left, in that they will excuse any and all bad behavior in their candidate as long as they are promised their silly nonsense about free stuff and abortion.