As we enter into the last three weeks of this election (thank you, God) many are focused on the presidential election, which makes sense. It is the most important election coming in November but it seems many are losing sight of the other races for the Senate and the House. Thinking Dana Loesch was just trying to scare us all into paying attention … hopefully that’s all she was doing. Ha.


Anything but that. The first time was bad enough, we don’t need a follow up or a part two … ever notice the part two’s of these movies are either way better than the first or absolutely HORRIBLE. Pelosi would be absolutely horrible. She would make horrible so horrible it would look good and then go back around to being horrible again.

What the WHAT?

Amen, Dana.

See, this is just like some scary movie … of course the whole election has felt like a scary, bad and awful movie but we digress.

Not to mention his opponent is evil, terrifying and likely lives off the souls of dead puppies.


Dude, that picture … really? That could be the poster for any scary movie out there.

You know her hair smells like old lady and hard candy.


There! Thanks, that’s definitely a more accurate photo of Pelosi.