Because nothing is more empowering than a feminist attacking a woman for speaking her mind and defending her husband. Yay girl power.

You know when Lizz wrote this one she pointed her finger at the monitor and gritted her teeth like all angry feminists do when they feel justified in attacking other women. She may have even frothed at the mouth a little.

Perhaps if Lizz actually watched the interview she wouldn’t have felt the need to take this out of context. Whether or not you find what Trump said offensive, it was pretty clear it was a private conversation, or at least Donald thought it was.

You’d have to live under a rock not to know Trump has a history of women throwing themselves at him. But sure, shame Melania for being honest, that makes sense.

The only thing that Lizz seems to hate more than a woman defending her husband is men … yup, men in general.

If Lizz hates Donald fine, but attacking his wife is low, even for her. Those who believe Donald may have crossed the line with other women should perhaps feel sympathy for Melania but oh no, in true feminist fashion Lizz goes after the wife. That’s what they do, especially if said woman doesn’t meet their “girl power” feminism.