The best part of this photo is the giant piece of plywood on the far right that says “BEHOLD YOUR MASTER.”

Considering how many people have had their Trump yard signs vandalized and stolen we’re quite honestly shocked that so much of this “collection” has been left in tact.

At least whomever this person is seems to take decent care of their lawn. Right? And to be honest, we do sorta dig that “Hillary for Prison” sign.

To our point, yes. And clearly they do take care of their yard. Wonder how long it takes to remove and put the signs back?

Surely if it’s Sean’s home he can afford to pay someone to do that for him.


Oh THAT’S right, he wouldn’t have a house, he would have a dojo.

For all of his kung fu magic.

Hadn’t thought about the neighbors. And honestly, even if you’re a Trump supporter this yard goes a little overboard, yes?

Behold your master? No.

Guessing there is no HOA or covenant in this neighborhood.