And millennials wonder why we make fun of them.

Really people?

A third of them. Yup. One in three thinks W. killed more people than one of the biggest most evil mass murderers in history.

MAYBE put down the iPhones and read a thing or two about how many people Stalin murdered and how absolutely horrible the man was. He was a monster, W was just a Republican that you hate because you read on some Leftist blog somewhere that you should.

Derp. Derp. Derpity. Derp.

Not very many and honestly they probably think it was Obama who saved those people because yeah, not bright.

HA! Touchè.

Fair point. The way things are going with our younger generation you would think it’s perhaps far more so there’s that.


Or is it because of this:

Sigh. Get off our lawn!

And there you have it. The bread and butter of millennials, a Leftist-inspired education paired with a Leftist-controlled media.

We’d say “stay in school” but clearly that doesn’t help in this case.