Libertarians don’t typically see eye-to-eye with socialists. Where one prefers the idea of large, overreaching government for everything (as in Bernie) libertarians are supposed to fight against such things.

See? He says it right there … Bernie was right. What the?

Sane? Questionable.

Well yeah, Bernie was right that Hillary is a corporate shill and loves big money but c’mon Gary, agreeing with a socialist?

You have to wonder if he’s lost his mind, trying to lose the election or if this is some odd grab for Bernie’s supporters. Remember, he said he agreed with what, 73% of what Bernie said.


Or is he constantly high as a kite and doesn’t realize what he’s saying?

Aleppo. That’s it, Bernie was RIGHT about Aleppo.


Here’s the deal though, Bernie did endorse Hillary so by saying he’s right in a way you’re supporting Hillary, Gary

Wow, maybe think about these ads a little bit before putting them out?