Thank goodness for Hollywood stars like James Woods who call out inappropriate touching of women by powerful men in politics. Check out these awful photos of Donald Trump! UNACCEPTABLE.

Oh wait, that’s not Donald Trump. Gosh, that’s Joe Biden. You mean a Democrat was creepy with women? Get outta here.

They’re deliberately blind and purposefully obtuse when it comes to their own party. It’s far easier to point a finger at Trump and accuse him of what clearly many Democrats are doing … heck there are PHOTOS of Creepy Uncle Joe and clearly you can see the women he’s “touching” aren’t comfortable.


It seems Democrats are willing to ignore their own problems while shaming anyone who politically disagrees with them for doing exactly what they do. Biden has been calling Trump out over comments off and on since the video broke, playing all sanctimonious but look at these photos.

Who knows what “locker room talk” Creepy Uncle Joe has partaken of.

Plenty of outraged Democrats accused Woods of excusing this behavior while never really seeing the point he was making. He wasn’t saying touching women inappropriately was okay, he was saying HEY LOOK, DEMOCRATS are guilty of this nonsense as well. The Left gets all high and mighty about this behavior when they themselves are as guilty as the next party.

This is called hypocrisy, and Mr. Woods is an expert at calling it out.