In a historical election where the first female candidate from a major party is running, you would think women like Cecile Richards would be talking about empowerment over the years. Like the women who fought for their right to vote and those ladies who held down the fort here at home during WWII, women have a long history of strength.

Instead what does Cecile link this historic moment to?

We get it, you butchers are 100 years old but c’mon, really? Birth control?

And in her simple, scary mind that’s not just the pill folks, that would also include abortion.

So congrats Hillary, according to Cecile you owe your candidacy to, wait for it, abortion! Yay!

She went on talking about rights, in essence trying to tie the right to vote to ‘reproductive autonomy’ which seems to be their new fancy term for abortion. People started telling them to make a choice before the baby was ever created, so they had to find a new phrase to replace pro-choice.

Plus, it sounds scientific or something, right?

Oh wait, there’s more:

Abortion changed everything, suppose this isn’t an untrue statement.

It allowed women to stop being accountable and responsible for their CHOICES, it enabled men to do the same, and the family unit has suffered. But hey, we should celebrate because somehow, someway in her warped mind, successful women owe their success to abortion.

*eye roll*