Today Obama was blathering on about family values.

Yeah, we don’t get it either.

Odd thinking of Obama pushing family values, right?

Ben Shapiro thought so too …

Captain Abortion.


Right? OMG we can see the comics being drawn already and they ain’t pretty.

Of course a character called ‘Captain Abortion’ wouldn’t be a hero, right?

There ya’ go. Hard to imagine a superhero having the word abortion in his or her name.

That is really long and probably wouldn’t fit on a t-shirt very well. Marketing potential just isn’t there.

Obama wouldn’t know a family value if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face and started to wiggle.

Clearly others thought the idea of Obama speaking on family values was hypocritical at best.

Not the last time we checked, nope.

Shocking, right?

Oh wait, we’re talking about that Obama administration so no, sadly this isn’t shocking at all.