Over the last few days, there have been reports that Trump sexually harassed women throughout the years, and whether or not this is true, the Left has been giddy with this information, screeching about how the GOP clearly hates women, blah blah blah, all the while ignoring the rather large elephant (or donkey where Democrats are concerned) in the room.

And that donkey is Bill Clinton.

That would make them hypocrites, now wouldn’t it? Of course that’s never stopped Democrats before but we digress.

Duh, really? Gosh, we got so confused with all of this sexual assault talk we forgot that … OH WAIT, NO WE DIDN’T. The woman who is running however stood by him, enabled him, protected him and attacked the women he may well have assaulted.

So by default really, Hillary Clinton is even worse.

And there’s this point too. The media did everything it could to protect Bill when he was being accused of sexual misconduct going as far as to attack Monica Lewinsky, his most famous “victim.”

Agreed. The whole notion of using sexual assault as a campaigning tidbit is disgusting and reeks of the Clinton campaign machine.


Like we said earlier, Democrats have never been worried about being viewed as hypocrites. They are definitely along the lines of “do as we say, not as we do.” See Hillary.

Bingo. She empowered a predator. Hard to take her seriously about caring for women’s issues when she protected Bill.

Fair point. They can complain all they want but that doesn’t stop us from mocking and ridiculing them endlessly.