Coming from one of the biggest bullies in modern-day history, this is laughable, granny.

Maybe just promote the tax credit instead of going that step further and exploiting kiddos who may well deal with real bullying … stop using our children to make your points. If you can’t make them without proverbial “kissing babies on the cheek” propaganda then maybe you’re campaign isn’t all that great.

Bullies gotta bully.

Noticing a theme here, eh Hillary?

Hard to call out bullying when you’ve been a bully for decades and capitalized from being a bully as much as Hillary has.

Yeah, this talking point isn’t a winner, Hillary. Sorry.

Oof, yeah there’s that too. Hillary has called Americans a lot of names – sorta what a bully does, right?

Perhaps Hillary should stick with the … well, that one talking point … that talking point about … yeah, you know, we got nothin’.

Her campaign just stinks.