It’s interesting, is it not, how some men are suddenly experts on how women should react when they’ve been sexually harassed. This election has proven one thing and one thing only, (other than America is more interested in drama than freedom) and sadly that is sexual harassment only matters to the Left when it hurts the right, and to the right when it hurts the Left.

Well Joe, considering how popular being gender fluid is these days you could be a woman, although doubtful you’d be attractive enough for Trump to ‘sexually harass.’

Yeah, tough break.

RIGHT?! It never happens … oh wait.

There seems to be some sideways reporting going on in that people who support Trump believe Bill Clinton’s accusers, and people who support Clinton believe Trump’s accusers. Considering all of these women are being used politically we should view them the same, either take them at their word or disregard.

He would only do that if he really wanted to report on this issue. Joe is playing politics, nothing more.

Of course not, but that won’t keep Joe from talking about it like he’s an expert.

Because he’s on MSNBC you peon! He can say whatever he wants … unfortunately.

Maybe a good idea, Joe.

Just sayin’, you are on a network that a lot of feminists watch … probably not the smartest thing you could have said.

See? Told you. And it’s only going to get worse.

And there’s the real sticky point with all of this. Either you believe them all or you disregard them all, otherwise it’s  just more pandering.

Of course it is MSNBC we’re talking about here so eh, pandering is what they do best.