When it comes to Democrats it’s ALWAYS do as we say, not as we do.

And gross, why would you ever do THIS?

It’s a nice touch, the guy grabbing the cardboard boob, right? What is WRONG with these people?!

Of course this could be just two idiot guys hanging out and being stupid but the Obama staff t-shirt is interesting. There is no proof that these young morons are actually Obama staffers but the idea that the media would be going haywire if it was even remotely possible they were Trump staffers is the bigger issue. CNN would be ROLLING with this photo if his shirt said Trump Staff.

Then again, there is this point as well though:

Does pointing out that all campaigns are disgusting make any other campaign less disgusting? Does this somehow negate Bill Clinton’s supposed actions or Trump’s? Or Hillary’s for enabling and protecting a possible sexual predator. Sure, the photo is funny (we laughed, we did) but it doesn’t change the fact that the 2016 Election is a disaster of epic proportions.

Hey SMOD, whenever you’re ready.