Luckily Alex wasn’t on a horse this time … it’s like he gets mad and hulks out but doesn’t turn green.

Must be the fluoride in the water.

What in the living Hell did we all just watch? It’s similar to a WWE promo but not nearly as entertaining and well … we’re kinda sorta thinking he might be acting. MIGHT be.


Oh it’s an ad. Or is it? Gosh, it’s hard to tell.


And no, he doesn’t seem nice at all. But hey, we looked so whatever he’s marketing he is getting our attention. Of course most of us think he’s a lunatic and wouldn’t buy what he’s selling but we do watch.


Sorta like that show, ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?’ Beyond ridiculous but we watch.

And those dresses, RIGHT?!

A treat? Not so much …


Oh but this is the context for the 2016 election – the crazier the better.

*four more weeks*