It appears Joy Behar HAS apologized to Bill Clinton’s accusers:

Someone should check, Hell might have frozen over today.


Remember when Hillary Clinton said something about how all women who are sexually assaulted should be heard? Or something along those lines, it’s hard to keep it all straight considering how much nonsense she spews but it was something like that. Apparently the Left only agrees with her when women who are Democrats want to talk about being sexually assaulted, otherwise they’re just tramps.

Stronger together or something, right?

How dare you oppress a Leftist woman! They are far too busy agreeing with Joy and attacking the women who would speak out against Bill Clinton.

Heh. Quoting Trump to illustrate Joy’s behavior … not bad.

Of course. They talk a big game about being for women’s rights and women’s liberty and other women’s stuff but when it comes right down to it, the only women they really care about are the ones who agree with them.

She sounds like any other Democrat out there protecting Hillary and Bill Clinton, which is really the same thing, so carry on.

It is. And yet she will pay zero consequences for it, you watch.

Yes, it was Whoopi Goldberg who said it wasn’t a rape, rape. Like there is any difference when it comes to the definition of rape but hey, she’s a Leftist so why not.

Luckily these ladies are speaking out for themselves:

Shame on her, indeed.

Oh pass the popcorn, it’s gonna get real.