Well then. Oh DNC, you are at least consistent in your corruption.

At the time, Brazile was still a CNN commentator and she was worried about how Hillary would answer a question on the death penalty.


Was it ethical for Brazile to send this to the Clinton Camp? All signs point to no but that didn’t stop her from doing it.

It also didn’t stop her from getting appointed head of the DNC, isn’t that convenient?

And sadly it’s not. Obviously the DNC was playing the Democrats from day one, they had their sights set on Hillary as their nominee and were going to do what it took to “appoint” her, the people and their votes be damned.

Oh by the way, Hillary was indeed asked about the death penalty at the Town Hall and she responded, “I would breathe a sigh of relief if either the courts or the states themselves began to eliminate the death penalty.”

Huh, what a polished answer for something she supposedly answered at the spur of the moment.

Sadly it’s true. And yet no one seems all that surprised. Says a lot about this election, doesn’t it?