Oh yeah, they have.

During the debate on Sunday night, there were many moments captured in photo, some more powerful than others and some quite honestly more hilarious than others. One of the best photos of the night was of Bill and Chelsea Clinton looking really uncomfortable, but when looking of photos of the actual candidates themselves, this was likely the very best one:

Sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud … sing out strong.

Siiiiiing of good things, not bad.

No? We shouldn’t quit our day job? Gotcha.

Doo bee doo bee doo …

The look on Trump’s face … he’s so intent on what he’s saying, or singing.


But there were quite a few.It looks like the candidates are singing a duet, does it not? What song do you think they were singing?

“I ought to say no no no … “Because they were both highly emotional during the debate – perhaps they should have broken out into song, it might have made them both a bit more likable.

This rocks. Of course it also looks like they could be singing “Islands in the Stream,” but not sure Hillary can pull off Dolly Parton.

Our favorite though:

Hey, whatever it takes for people to pay attention to politics these days, right?