Remember oh, nearly 20 years ago when Bill Clinton was asked about having sex with Monica Lewinsky and he said those famous WORDS, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

But hey Hillary, words matter, right?

Apparently when Bill said sexual relations he meant something else? Did his words not matter? Or how about when he said, “That depends on what the meaning of is, is.”

Words matter. Unless you’re a Democrat.

Good point. Did her words not matter when she was allegedly intimidating the women her husband had sexually assaulted?

True, and look at her own words – lying about an email server, claiming not to have deleted any work-related emails … oh and that whole Benghazi video thing, yeah, that too. Like when she promised the parents of the Benghazi four that they would find the producer of that video and make him pay?

But words matter.

Kind of like that, yeah.

You see, Hillary, your husband is ‘one of the boys’, like Trump. And no matter how much you pretend to stand with women and care about them there will always be Bill’s history and your enabling of him that your detractors can bring up over, and over, and over again.

But they were just words.

Wait, now this is getting confusing, did those words matter too?