Of course Abraham Lincoln is well-known for how he destroyed 30,000 government documents … by hand.

Right? Just letters to his wife that he destroyed, 30,000 of them even.

That’s a lot of letters.

It’s well-known that Abe was indeed a yoga aficionado who created many of his own poses including the Top Hat and the Blooming Calvary.

Yeah, that’s it.

And you’d know that if Abe hadn’t destroyed all of those letters to Mary.

That was done in Abe’s spare time and not something he liked people to brag about. Likely he destroyed letters about that as well though.

Can you imagine how much work it would take to write letters on logs and then destroy them? No wonder Abe was so ripped.

He would stay up late into the night, shredding letters to Mary about yoga and vampire slaying. Yes.

Wait, Abe had a ray gun? Ok, NOW this has gone too far … he would have had a laser before he had a ray gun, get it straight people.

Mic. Drop.

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