Stephen King says we shouldn’t be scared of clowns.

And he would know considering he wrote quite possibly the most terrifying story about a clown ever written so SURE, take his word for it.

Yeah, clowns are FUNNY. HA HA HA.

Anyone else see the irony here of the King of Horror saying we shouldn’t be scared? Or maybe it’s just some sideways plot to get us to let our guard down and BOOM, he’ll scare us with another clown story.

Many of us (ahem, yeah us) are scared of clowns because of ‘It.’ Yup.

Nearly 30 years later and yes.

Dude, he did.

Oh yeah, THAT’S it. We’re judging Pennywise based on a stereotype when really he was just a predator looking for dinner.


Nope, not scary at all.