This is not surprising …

But only a Democrat would be proud of FAILING when it comes to protecting the rights of Americans, even the ones they personally disagree with.

Psh, they’ll just dig up some dead ones for votes, don’t you worry.

Because like other Democrats, Kaine doesn’t understand our rights are INHERENT and not granted by any government.

It was pretty bad. When even CNN said Pence won, yeah, Kaine should have gotten an F for his debate performance – wonder if he’d be proud of THAT one?

Because only certain lives matter to Democrats, the ones they can use for their agenda, silly. Don’t bother Kaine with reality, he has no time for that, he’s busy failing at protecting our rights.

Like Obama said, that mean ol’ Constitution is a barrier and it’s become more painfully clear every day Democrats in general get an F when it comes to the Bil of Rights.