Ever notice it’s always a Democrat telling you “there’s not enough election fraud to matter?” Funny that you never hear stories of a bunch of ballots found in a trunk of a car for a Republican, they always show up for Democrats … and we all know the dead LOVE voting for the Left. Heck, just last week 19 dead Virginians registered to vote.

Brit Hume has an excellent suggestion for the know-it-all Democrat who insists there’s not enough fraud to matter:

Imagine the amount of whining and complaining if you even dared to suggest a Democrat volunteer to have his or her vote canceled out by a fake.

Oh THEN voter fraud would matter, you betcha.

Common sense to a Leftist, especially about voter fraud, is like garlic to a vampire. No wait, more like sunlight to a vampire, yeah, it’s far more dramatic than garlic.

In a time when politics seems so ugly and corrupt, the act of voting should be something that feels safe and protected.

During this election especially, with so much on the line, the last thing any American should have to worry about is whether or not their vote won’t matter because someone (ahem Democrats) decides to cheat.

But don’t worry, there’s not enough fraud to matter.

Because ya’ know, we can’t have people stealing library books so we better make sure and get valid paperwork for card.

To vote though, psh …