Dagnabbit Jill, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Dr. Jill Stein felt it necessary to tweet obnoxious pro-abortion, anti-humanity nonsense during the #VPDebate last night. It’s like the woman doesn’t feel complete unless she is either listening to herself talk or reading herself write. Look at this crap. Maybe she missed the whole point about the unborn having the right to control THEIR own bodies?

And POW. Just because women have the XX chromosome doesn’t give us the right to determine what is human and what life does and does not have value.

Plus considering roughly 97% of abortions are done out of convenience, Ben is spot on.

HEY, asking women to control their own bodies so we don’t have to is a microaggression of some sort and will likely trigger Stein. Evil man … oh wait, woman? Gosh, who’da thunk women are prolife? Apparently not Jill Stein.

Life is also a right, which you’d think a doctor would know. Then again, what is she a doctor of? Is her PHD in Unicorn Dust?

Many pro-aborts see the unborn as an inconvenience and they deliberately dehumanize and objectify them. If they accept that a fetus is human and alive they completely lose their entire sick agenda.

97% of the time, yup.

Interestingly enough, others took issue with Stein’s tweet as well – some of them from the Green Party even.

Be better than this.


Not sure she is any better than this and luckily the country sees it too because she rarely polls above 1%.

Here we have someone saying they are pro-choice and even THEY disagree with Jill.

Maybe she needs to rethink this whole talking point … and her campaign in general.