Whether or not you’re a Trump fan, it’s obvious Pence won that debate on attitude, on knowledge and with this very important piece that not only speaks to Democrats but to Republicans who may be struggling with Trump as well:

Many Republicans have taken issue with some of Trump’s statements and what Pence did was prove you can support Trump’s vision and ideas without having to agree with him. Maybe you don’t like that “whole Mexican thing,” but to this point, do you like the idea of a sovereign country?

Pence won more last night than just a debate.

Indeed. There are bigger picture ideas than just Donald Trump, and Pence was a reminder of that last night while Kaine attempted to attack him over things Trump said. Republicans hold the individual accountable, we don’t blame the other guy … that’s the Democrat’s job.

Now if this will change the minds of people who don’t support Trump isn’t clear just yet, the point remains valid. The whole agenda of last night’s debate was to make Pence accountable for Trump, it wasn’t to discuss ideas or talk about why each candidate would do a better job.

Pence refused to play that game.

And he won.