Pence, an extremist?

Please Hillary, enough with the name-calling already. This is a presidential election, you’re not running for Student Council.

Suppose this is a step up from being a deplorable or maybe she puts extremists in a bucket versus a basket?

At this point none of us would be surprised if she started calling people “poopy heads” and other childish names.

And really, Hillary thinks SHE is pro-woman? Maybe she forgot she silenced a bunch of women who had allegedly been sexually assaulted by her husband, and of course her defending a child rapist.

Ouchville, population you, Hillary.

Oh, and it’s hard for us to believe she is pro-LGBT when she takes so much money from countries that punish and even execute homosexuals.

Don’t forget extremists!

Quiet you. Don’t you know that when you are dealing with the Queen you do as she says, not as she does?

Careful, she’ll call you a deplorable extremist in a bucket or something.

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