It’s funny how Democrats always phrase Republicans’ beliefs as “attacks,” simply because they disagree with them. Of course in the mind of a Democrat, being the delicate snowflakes they are, they probably do feel attacked when anyone disagrees with them.

Sally here is no exception.

Pence has been at the forefront of protecting life, keeping government out of marriage and securing borders … FIFY. And gosh, that doesn’t sound all that bad if you’re not some Leftist pro-abort who thinks we need to allow more terrorists to live in our country. Yikes, that doesn’t sound so nice when we rephrase your ideas now does it, Sally.

Apparently killing millions of women before they’re born is somehow considered healthcare, although if you look up the definition of healthcare it is healing and curing, not killing and slaughtering. But we digress.

Because if Sally said that Pence was fighting against abortion, while she could hold on to her awful base who thinks like she does, she might lose some of those fence-sitters and independents who aren’t entirely sure what to believe. That and it’s all about the narrative, she needs to frame abortion as healthcare so she can keep saying Republicans don’t want women to have it.